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moonshadowmagic [userpic]
fanfic week 6- Rivals
by moonshadowmagic (moonshadowmagic)
at May 12th, 2010 (12:42 pm)

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Title: The Dance of Swan and Raven

Rating: T

Characters: Duck/ Princess Tutu, Princess Kraehe, Mytho, Fakir, Edel

Warnings: Spoilers for Season 1, especially Akt 13

Word Count: 2286 per MS Word, 2400+ per ff.net

Posted to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5962825/1/The_Dance_of_Swan_and_Raven

I managed to pick the same scenes to work with as another contestant, but we both came up with very different things. Which is very very good.