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Spring Break!
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at April 12th, 2010 (09:59 pm)

Well, everyone, frumiousq  and I are proud to announce our first annual Spring Break, running similarly to my Yu-Gi-Oh contes.  Anyways, after the voting post goes up tomorrow, you will be able to have a two week break period from contesting.  Thereby, giving everyone a break from the terrible approaching deadlines!  

Just, remember to vote!  Thank you! 

moonshadowmagic [userpic]
fanfic week 5- Rebirth
by moonshadowmagic (moonshadowmagic)
at April 10th, 2010 (04:22 pm)
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Title: Renascence

Rating: T

Characters: Fakir, Drosselmeyer, Duck, Mytho, others

Warnings: Spoilers for everything I could think of

Word Count: 1884

Posted to: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5885500/1/

Fru [userpic]
Voting Reminder for Fanfic Contest Week 4
by Fru (frumiousq)
at April 9th, 2010 (09:28 pm)

It's that time again. Tutu_Contest needs your votes! The voting period for Fanfic Contest Week 4 will be ending this Sunday, April 11th at 11:59 pm.

We're doing this a bit later than usual, but hopefully the extra seven days has given everyone time to check out our two entries: Missing Luck and The Poet and the Pendulum.

Please cast a vote for your favorite fic by leaving a comment right here at this post: http://community.livejournal.com/tutu_contest/10160.html

(As usual, all votes will be screened for anonymity.)

Thank you all for your participation!

Lucky_Ladybug [userpic]
The Night is Dark (Week 5 - Rebirth)
by Lucky_Ladybug (insaneladybug)
at April 9th, 2010 (09:19 am)

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You know, I was actually going to write something cute and squeeable for this prompt, but then a dark plunny hopped on the doorstop of my mind and parked itself there.

Title: The Night is Dark
Rating: T/PG-13
Characters/Pairings: The Bookmen
Warnings: Disturbing transformations? Spoilers for episodes #25/#26.
Word Count: 481 (probably the second-shortest thing I've ever written)


"luck" Voting [fanfiction]
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at April 6th, 2010 (04:31 pm)

I know it's a week late. I apologize.

Please vote for your favorite entry in a comment to this entry.  Comments will be screened for the sake of anonymity.  Voting will end Sunday, April 11th, 2010. Thank you!

A.  Missing Luck

B.  The Poet and the Pendulum

Lucky_Ladybug [userpic]
Shocking Realization (Fanart Month 2 - Gemstone)
by Lucky_Ladybug (insaneladybug)
at April 5th, 2010 (03:15 am)

current mood: giggly

Title: Shocking Realization
Rating: T/PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Autor, Ahiru
Warnings: Ahiru is naked in the water? But you don't see anything.

Illustration from my fic Beneath the Cover of a Book. Autor is just realizing that the gemstone he saw on the duck is the same one Ahiru is wearing.


Theme Post [fanfiction]
by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at March 29th, 2010 (09:59 pm)

fanfic week 5

This week's theme is:


Deadline:  Sunday, April 11th, 2010:  11:59 p.m.
-Interpret however you wish
-Word count minimum is 301 words
-Voting for this week will begin Tuesday, April 13th.
-Remember to tag entries, use warnings, and use the proper-set format for posting entries.

Have fun!

Comment if you have questions!

*NOTE the tagging entries, as our entrants seem so likely to forget them!  :)

Lucky_Ladybug [userpic]
The Poet and the Pendulum (Week 4 - Luck)
by Lucky_Ladybug (insaneladybug)
at March 28th, 2010 (08:42 pm)

current mood: rushed

Title: The Poet and the Pendulum
Rating: K+/PG
Characters/Pairings: Autor, Fakir, Uzura, the Bookmen leader
Warnings: Spoilers for the last episode?
Word Count: 3,479


by Nuit Songeur (ex_nuitsong)
at March 28th, 2010 (01:36 pm)

First, I would like to thank Fru, for keeping an eye on things while I've been extremely busy this week.  So- thanks!

And now, I would like to remind everyone that the deadline for fanfic week 4 - "luck" is tonight at midnight.  As is the deadline to request an extension.  And, the voting post will be up Tuesday and the new theme will be posted up Monday.

Hope everyone has a good week!

moonshadowmagic [userpic]
fanfic week 4- Luck
by moonshadowmagic (moonshadowmagic)
at March 27th, 2010 (10:11 pm)

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Title: Missing Luck

Rating: K+/G or PG

Characters/Pairings: Charon, Fakir, Mytho, others

Warnings: Spoilers for Akt 10

Word Count: 2,115

Posted to http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5847106/1/